Get to know the Lake Ice Service tool, listen to the current status of its development as well as our future steps towards the expanded service. 

© Flyer designed by GRID-Arendal /AWI Media , photo by Copernicus EU /SYKE

The Lake Ice Service collects lake ice information from multiple sources and visualizes the information in an easily accessible and understandable website map tool. These information are generated by satellite data, governmental in-situ networks as well as Community-Based Monitoring. Among other things, lake ice information is important for our understanding of ice-related changes and climate change. Lake ice is sensitive to intra-annual temperature fluctuations and long-term temperature trends.  Beside the climate change aspect, lake ice data are important for transport, Arctic livelihood, and safety issues. The information will be useful for citizens and local communities as well as for scientific purposes.  Development of the Lake Ice Service is part of the Arctic PASSION project and will be further extended and co-designed in cooperation with users. 



Kirsikka Heinilä (Senior research scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute/Arctic PASSION)

Timo Pyhälahti (Senior expert at the Finnish Environment Institute/Arctic PASSION)



Lisa Grosfeld (Project Manager at the Alfred Wegener Institute/Arctic PASSION)


Importantly, this dialogue seminar which is part of our ongoing  “Arctic PASSION Online Seminar and Dialogue Series” offers a valuable possibility to open discussion and enable dialogue between the service providers and the audience. All comments and suggestions are very appreciated.

Join us on November 10th, 2022 at 1 PM GMT on Zoom. Please register in advance via this link: