Arctic Youth And Early Career Scientist Survey: Tell Us About Your Capacity Sharing Needs

by Lisa Grosfeld, German Arctic Office | Published: 08-Apr-22 | Last updated: 08-Apr-22 | Tags : Arctic survey youth | category: NEWS

The EU project Arctic PASSION plans activities for early career scientists and Arctic and Indigenous youth to exchange knowledge, experiences and learnings multilaterally and also to promote the next generation in the use of Arctic observing systems. Communicating at eye level is very important in all Arctic PASSION capacity sharing formats and we consider it crucial to learn from you – the next generation! 

With combined capacities, visions and ideas we can improve relevant Arctic observations together in order to better understand Arctic environmental change, and to adapt technologies and data acquisition for societal needs. 


The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) will organize a multi-day in-person Arctic PASSION sharing circle for early career scientists and Arctic and Indigenous youth, as well as online workshops and an online dialogue series within Arctic PASSION. In all the activities, intergenerational dialogue and active exchange is a priority. The results of this survey will help Arctic PASSION to design the formats more precisely towards the needs, interests and wishes of Arctic and Indigenous youth and early career researchers.


We would very much appreciate the responses of: Arctic youth, Indigenous youth, early career scientists living in the Arctic, or working in Arctic Regions (from graduates up to about 5 years after PhD).


Please follow this link to fill the survey, ideally until 30 April 2022!


Thank you very much for contributing to the design of Arctic PASSION’s capacity sharing  activities!